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Rating Action

Rating Action: Jianxin 2020-4 Non-performing Asset Backed Securities Senior Notes Assigned AAAspc(sf) Rating

S&P Global (China) Ratings has assigned its AAAspc(sf) rating to the Senior Notes of the Jianxin 2020-4 Non-performing Asset Backed Securities transaction issued by China Construction Bank Trust Co., Ltd. (CCB Trust) as trustee of Jianxin 2020-4 Non-performing Asset Backed Securities.
List of Ratings:
Senior Notes: AAAspc(sf)
Methodology Applied:
S&P Ratings China--Structured Finance Methodology
Related Research:
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Sharon Tang, Beijing, (86)10-6569-2988; sharon.tang@spgchinaratings.com
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Kan Zhou, Beijing; kan.zhou@spgchinaratings.cn
Beibei Shi, Beijing; beibei.shi@spgchinaratings.cn
Jiarong Li, Beijing; jiarong.li@spgchinaratings.cn
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